Saxo Bank’s head office houses one of the largest corporate art collections in Denmark.
The Saxo Collection comprises works of contemporary art, from canvases and sketches to sculptures and art installations. The Saxo Collection represents the work of more than 60 established and emerging artists, with a focus on current Danish artists such as Michael Kvium, Sys Svinding, Allan Otte and Morten Schelde.



The Saxo Collection was initiated more than a decade ago and is constantly evolving in its expression, composition and exhibition.
Following the completion of the Bank’s head office in 2008, a spectacular and award-winning landmark designed by 3XN architects, Saxo Bank dramatically expanded the collection of artists into The Saxo Collection. This collection is enlarged every year as the Bank expands and occupies more office space around the globe. Since 2004 Saxo Bank’s strategy has been to commission and purchase contemporary art from both established and emerging artists, predominantly young Danish artists. In addition to the artworks, the Saxo Collection also features installations, objects and curiosities with an extraordinary appearance or significance as for instance ‘Catch Me Should I Fall’, (2010) by Michael Elmgreen and Ingmar Dragset and Christian Lemmerz’ a ‘Lady Die ’ (2003-04). Furthermore Anne Tholstrup, Bentemarie Kjeldbæk and Kristian von Hornsleth are considers ‘house artists’ since they have contributed with significant and custom made pieces to the Saxo Art Collection.



Established in 1992, Saxo Bank is a fully licensed and regulated European bank headquartered in Tuborg Harbour in Hellerup.  As a specialist in online trading and investment, Saxo Bank provides a wide range of products, services and platforms to private clients in Denmark and around the world, as well as to banks, brokers and other financial institutions.

While Saxo Bank’s reach is international, our home is in Denmark. Our headquarters are here, the majority of our employees live and work here, and it’s in Denmark where we innovate and develop our business. And as a responsible corporate citizen, Saxo Bank contributes substantially to the Danish economy and supports a variety of local initiatives in education, entrepreneurship, sport and the arts.